Lisa Talton Wells Daugherty

Location: Etowah County, Alabama 

Age at the time of arrest: 57

Date of sentencing:  May 2023

Lisa Talton Wells Daugherty is sentenced to 20 years, split to serve 5 years in the department of corrections and will turn over approximately $5.5 million that is the subject of pending federal litigation for stealing $10 million from an elderly patient. 

Before she was sentenced, Daugherty worked as a care technician at an assisted living home. When working at the assisted living home, Daugherty worked her way into becoming the power of attorney for one of the elderly residents at the home. As soon as she got her hands on this individual’s bank accounts, there were multiple transfers that started immediately from the victim’s accounts to Lisa’s account. From the transfers, ultimately $8.5 million was moved from the victims account into Daugherty’s account. She also took over the individual’s property, which was valued at $1.5 million. With the $10 million, Daugherty purchased a local home as well as a beach house, multiple vehicles, dental implants, and more.