Bhavinkumar “Sunny” Patel

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Age at the time of arrest: 28

Date of sentencing: April 8, 2020

Bhavinkumar “Sunny” Patel is carrying out a prison sentence of 120 months for being responsible for losses of more than $3,000,000 from more than 120 victims.

Bhavinkumar “Sunny” Patel operated a cell of couriers in several states. The fraud scheme originated from call centers in India that mainly targeted elders. The calls would contact victims using automated robocalls that would create a sense of urgency. After the first contact, conspirators known as closers would impersonate government officials such as FBI or DEA agents to scare the victims. The closers than would trick and coerce victims into wiring funds to bank accounts controlled by the conspiracy or shipping cash to addresses that the conspirators had access to. They would retrieve the victim’s stolen money, save a portion for themselves, and forward the remainder to the call center operators in India.